Sick No More

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Prof Dr. Koen Kas is the author of ‘Sick No More’ (Dutch edition published 2014, English edition coming out soon), a pivotal review of the digital health field.

What if…
– Doctors would be paid as long as we stayed healthy ?
– Our smartphone would go to med school ?
– We check our body like we do for status updates on Facebook ?
– Our medication would be printed at home and our TV is switched off when medication is not taken on time ?
– We start to associate healthcare with fun, attractive and addictive ?

Sick no more catapults us to a future with a doctor who is no longer God.

A future which is 4 DiMEnSiOnAL: Digital, Mobile, Engaging, Social, iOmic-based, quantified, Attractive, Local

It introduces the ingredients for personalized medicine which keeps us healthy, via some of the most exciting, creative technological developments mankind ever came up with.

This way it is a showcase for a large series of explorative ideas from emerging startup companies and top notch academic labs.

Sick no more aims to become a guide to tomorrows healthcare, a source of inspiration for our knowledge economy and for a new generation of entrepreneurs.