mHealth Hackathon, 18-20 March 2016


The MHEALTH HACKATHON is organised by Advance Healthcare and supported by a stellar group of partners from industry, healthcare and government (Pfizer, IBM, BASE, Artilium, Partena, Mutualités Libres/Onafhankelijke Ziekenfondsen as well as Belgian Ministers De Croo and De Block). Furthermore, another 30 experts (healthcare professionals, policy makers, technical experts, etc) will be available during the hackathon to offer immediate feedback and advice to participants.

The MHEALTH HACKATHON is built around 18 real-world challenges identified by top minds in the Belgian healthcare and technology space.  More specifically, solutions developed at the Brussels hackathon could 1) bring healthcare home to millions of patients, empowering patients and healthcare professionals to manage health problems remotely or from the patient’s home, 2) create new services that absolutely delight patients, making healthcare services more convenient, less complicated, less stressful and generally more delightful to experience, 3) tackle over- and underconsumption of medicine – medication adherence is still one of the biggest problems, that if solved would save billions of euros and radically improve outcomes, 4) introduce performance metrics for mHealth apps, 5) protect and further improve Belgium’s competitive advantage in clinical trials, and 6) develop novel tools for personalised chronic disease prevention, all leading to exciting new healthcare businesses.