HealthStartup Conference on Big Data, Nijmegen

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HealthStartup conference III was held June 26, 2012 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The theme of this edition was Big Data; therefore we focused on startups that place data at the heart of their business model and business proposition.  These could include startups that capture, monitor, aggregate, integrate, analyze or visualize health-related data for any number of purposes, including patient monitoring, medical diagnosis, medical decision support, medical research, public health monitoring, self-tracking/quantified self, fitness tools, systems integration and so on.

The startup did not need to be ‘big data’ project in the formal sense (i.e. already collecting and analysing huge amounts of data) but it should have a longer-term ‘big data’ vision of some  sort. Our definition was purposely kept broad – we don’t see ‘big data’ as a distinct category of startups but as an opportunity for practically any health startup that is collecting/using data.  The goal of the event was to explore that opportunity in-depth.

If you’d like to know more about what we mean by Big Data and our sense of where some of the opportunities are, check out these earlier posts.

Top Big Data opportunities for health startups

Some context to Big Data – the topic for HealthStartup III



13h30 Registration

14h00 Keynote Presentations ‘Big Data’

  • Professor Stan Gielen – Stan is senior professor in Biophysics with appointments in the Faculty of Science, Mathematics and Computing Science and in the University Medical Centre of the Radboud University Nijmegen.
  • Candide Kemmler – Candide is founder of, a personal data aggregator
  • Peter Lems – Peter is founder of MobiHealth, a Dutch provider of telemonitoring solutions

14h45 Panel Discussion: Developing your Big Data Strategy


  • Where are the big data opportunities?
  • What do you need to consider when developing your big data strategy?
  • Open data – what’s happening? What are the issues?


  • Jeana Frost – Assistant Professor, VU University Amsterdam and Senior Researcher,
  • Rene Reijtenbagh – Business Angels Network Manager, EBAN
  • Vincent Dupont – Western Europe Health Industry Market Lead, Microsoft
  • Peter Walgemoed – Founder Carelliance
  • 2 more panel members to be announced soon.

15h30 Break

16h00 Startup Presentations: 5 startups x 7 minutes

Biovotion is a Swiss based medical device company, developing truly mobile and wearable medical devices for continuous, non-invasive vital sign monitoring under everyday life conditions. The first product will be a mHealth solution for patients with COPD.


Healthcare data is privacy sensitive and as such needs to be properly anonymized and prepared before it is handed over to external parties for research purposes. Content2Context (NL) develops software for the anonymizing of patient records, computerized summarization & metadata labeling of scientific research.


Promedas (NL) is a medical diagnostic expert system for knowledge and decision support. Promedas uses patient data from Hospital Information Systems as input for a smart algorithm and generates the most relevant diagnoses.


The power to deliver best clinical practice for individual patients at the point of care requires a new generation of powerful analytical tools that can operate at clinical population scale, marrying large and complex datasets from multiple sources. Danish company GenoKey claims to  have developed such an analytical toolkit based on a new mathematical foundation that could deliver these benefits across the wide range of healthcare applications.


FolUp (US) is an innovative social platform that connects patients to physicians and researchers, allowing each to collaborate and actively participate in improving patient monitoring and clinical research.