Hack Epilepsy

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Hack Epilepsy is a hackathon focused on building digital tools for people with epilepsy and their care givers.  The hackathon was first held in Brussels and Atlanta in April 2014 and was sponsored by UCB, a biopharmaceutical company with a therapeutic focus on epilepsy.  The initiative is fully aligned with UCB’s business and forms part of its quest to provide meaningful solutions to the epilepsy community that go beyond medicines.

The success of Hack Epilepsy is largely explained by (1) its focus on a specific disease, which attracted a very talented and motivated pool of developers, designers and entrepreneurs, (2) its focus on challenges that came out of intense research of people living with epilepsy and healthcare providers, and (3) making available a panel of epilepsy patients and medical specialists at the hackathon, for immediate clinically-grounded feedback to ideas and prototypes.