Prof. Dr. Koen Kas

Koen Kas is a biotech entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the health and biomedical sciences, driven by the aim to make healthcare more personalized, predictive, participatory and preventive.

Trendspotting developments at the crossroads of biology, medicine, ICT / IoT, electronics / engineering and behavioural sciences, he uses these insights in different advisory roles facilitating innovative disruptions in Healthcare. He serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of a number of companies and he just released a first book on the Future of Healthcare.

His non-academic presentations on the current state of the art and the future of healthcare are provocative, engaging, accessible distillations of recent technological advances. He explains how they will influence our lives and he challenges our sense of what can be learned about ourselves.

Koen is professor at the University of Ghent, Belgium, teaching classes in Oncology (and innovative technologies to advance the field) and he chairs the scientific committee of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation.

Koen was founder and CSO of Pronota. He developed the company from university spinout, steering a multidisciplinary team, to build a protein biomarker discovery & validation platform with a pipeline of diagnostic programs in areas of ovarian cancer, preeclampsia, cardio-renal failure & sepsis.

He was, prior to that Director Drug discovery at Belgian-Dutch functional genomics company Galapagos. Previously, he set up and directed the Cancer drug discovery program at Tibotec (now Johnson & Johnson).

His major scientific contributions during his academic life were the unraveling of the molecular basis of salivary gland and hereditary endocrine tumors. Koen is author of over 60 publications in international journals in the field of cancer, biomarkers, human genomics and proteomics. He authored over 20 patents and patent applications. He is a member of different scientific societies and received prestigious awards from NATO and the Collen Research Foundation and from the Royal Belgian Academy of Sciences and the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine.