Prof. Dr. Koen Kas

koen2bWith close to 25 years of experience in the life sciences, Koen is driven by the aim to make healthcare more personalized or precise, participatory, predictive & preventive.

Koen has spent years trendspotting developments at the crossroads of biology, genomic medicine, ICT, engineering & behavioural sciences. He uses these insights in different roles facilitating innovative disruptions across the healthcare universe and creating novel digital health startups. He serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of a number of hightech & life sciences companies & investors. He is also an Editor of the mHealth Journal.

His keynote presentations on the future of medicine & digital Health are inspiring, engaging, accessible distillations of most recent technological advances and challenge our sense of what can be learned about ourselves and managing our health.

February 2014, he published his vision in a book (“Nooit meer ziek” (Sick no more), currently in Dutch only), widely covered by the press & media. In it he describes a healthcare future which is 4 DiMEnSiOnAL: Digital, Mobile, Engaging, Social, iOmic-based, quantified, Attractive, Local.

Koen is professor at Ghent University, Belgium, and chairs the scientific committee of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation. As CSO Oncology of Thrombogenics he prepared the launch of Oncurious, a spinout company that will develop a novel treatment for pediatric brain tumors.

Koen was founder & CSO of Pronota, steering a multidisciplinary team to build a protein biomarker discovery & validation platform with a pipeline of diagnostic programs on ovarian cancer, preeclampsia, cardio-renal failure & sepsis. He was prior to that Director Drug discovery at Belgian-Dutch functional genomics company Galapagos. Previously, he set up and directed the Cancer drug discovery program at Tibotec (now J&J).

He started his career in academia, elucidating the molecular basis of 2 types of cancers.