About Advance Healthcare

Improving the lives of patients through digital innovation

Advance Healthcare works with technology entrepreneurs, pharma and diagnostics companies, healthcare providers, ICT companies and materials companies to build innovative new businesses in the digital health arena. Our overriding goal is to radically improve healthcare through digital innovation.

Our work

Our work rests on four pillars:

1 Research:

Our managing partners have been following the sector for over a decade and are recognised experts in the field. For example, Prof. Dr. Koen Kas is author of a seminal book in the field (Sick no More) and he and Bart Collet are frequently asked as keynote speakers at international conferences. For our customers we conduct tailored market research and technology scouting programs. Typically the objective is to spot synergistic business opportunities where existing capabilities can be optimally leveraged. We also run our own research programs, focused both on specific medical areas (e.g. Azheimer’s Disease) and technology trends (e.g. sensors, social networks, Big Data). Our overriding goal is to ensure that our customers are kept up to speed and fully understand relevant digital health challenges and opportunities.

Contact Frank Boermeester (frank at advance.healthcare) to start mapping what your startup portfolio could/should look like

2 Consulting:

Our customers often ask us to deliver executive briefings and creative workshops for internal managers. At board level, we typically give high-level presentations on the transformative and potentially disruptive impact of new technologies on healthcare and the life sciences sector. For executives with specific market or product accountabilities we mainly deliver ideation workshops. Our main value is that we ensure that our customers’ internal stakeholders are inspired and motivated to take action, that well-grounded strategies are developed, that there is alignment behind such strategies, and that existing resources and capabilities are optimally exploited.

Contact Koen Kas (koen at advance.healthcare) to arrange a presentation or ideation session

3 Networking & communication:

We help our customers engage with external innovators such as technology entrepreneurs, scientists, and other potential partners, with the goal of building new innovative businesses. We do this by reaching out to relevant people and companies directly (our partners are exceptionally well-networked in the global digital health community), but we also organise focused events and conferences, and we have built our own online community of early-stage digital health entrepreneurs. In sum, we help our customers build reputation as digital health innovators among target audiences (startups, partners, experts, potential employees) and forge relationships with relevant people and organisations that are instrumental to the development of new products and solutions.

Contact Bart Collet (Bart at advance.healthcare) to see how we can help you reach out to specific communities

4 Product development and venture building:

The ultimate goal of all our work is to accelerate digital innovation in healthcare and making sure that our customers are developing innovative new products and business lines. Our research, consulting and networking activities are all geared toward that goal, but it is through corporate hackathons and venturing programs that we start delivering very concrete results. We are specialised in the conceptualisation, organisation, promotion, and facilitation of highly focused hackathons, hackathons that attract top-notch talent, that produce viable product prototypes, and where the seeds of a strong startup portfolio are sown. We also work closely with customers in an advisory role, supporting product development programs and corporate venturing initiatives. For the latter we help design corporate acceleration programs and coach entrepreneurs in various domains (e.g. lean startup, tech scouting, etc).

Contact Leo Exter (Leo at advance.healthcare) to discuss your hackathon or corporate venturing ideas


Koen Kas

Koen Kas

Koen is our point man. An experienced biotech entrepreneur, brimming with ideas about how technology can change healthcare, Koen spends most of his time shaking up board-level decision makers.

Bart Collet

Bart Collet

Bart is our gets-things-done project manager & whip-cracker, skills honed as owner-manager of a carehome. Bart is also known the world over for his encyclopedic knowledge of digital health products.

Leo Exter

Leo Exter

Mr. Startup. Leo was there when it all began and has his tentacles in every startup initiative this side of the English channel. Undoubtedly has Europe's most well-developed B.S. detector.

Frank Boermeester

Frank Boermeester

Our analytical mind and resident (research) psychologist. Frank spends most of his time untangling the dynamics of the digital health revolution.


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